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 Tickets for April sessions are already on sale! 



we are Pets Yoga Brno. What does it mean?

We connected two favorite activities: yoga and cuddling with pets. We hope you will love it as much as we do!

About us

The concept of pet yoga is nothing new, it has already been successfully established in London, Toronto, and Sydney. When we saw how happy people were leaving these classes, we decided to bring this lecture full of laughter and cuteness to to Prague and now also to Brno. We started with puppies, what is gonna be next...? 



Just choose clothes that you will be comfortable exercising in and we will take care of the rest. Yoga mats, our little friends, and cuddling therapy, all this is waiting for you at our session :)


We exercise while pets walk around the room and make our stretching more enjoyable. Lectures are playful, and you will enjoy 60 minutes full of cuddling with pets, stretching, laughing, and getting positive emotions.



All our pets are invited to our classes through loving owners or licensed breeders. Pets are 6-13 weeks old, healthy, vet-checked and vaccited. For the pets our session are a nice way to socialize, have some playtime, and gain confidence to be ready to enter the outside world. Sometimes pets can even find their new parents at our session.


Pet therapy is a very famous method to get over stress and anxiety, by interacting with animals. It's a mood booster that has positive impact on both mind & body and an experience that will bring more laughter and joy to your life.


Our sessions are mainly in Czech, but we can also arrange a session in English. If the group consists of English-speaking people the language is adapted. If you would like a private session, the choice is yours between English and Czech.


I was there and it was amazing. After an hour you are full of positive energy. Really a mood booster.


Book and Service

Aktuální lekce

In case of necessity (owners/pets getting sick) we may have to change the breed of the pets at the session.

Booking cancellation

To guarantee a refund or reschedule your ticket to another date, please cancel your reservation within 48 hours before the session.

If you cancel later, we may not be able to find a person to cover your spot and your ticket will be expired.

Contact us

Yoga i-D

Poštovská 68/3

602 00 Brno-střed

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Operator: Yorkmut s. r. o.

Registered office address: Senovážné náměstí 978, 110 00 Nové Město

ID: 19952066

VAT ID: CZ19952066

Entry in the Trade Register: 3. 12. 2023

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