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Rules of operation

1) Each client is obliged to follow the instructions of the staff. Entry to the event space is only allowed without shoes. You can leave your shoes in the changing room. While performing a sport activity in the studio, the client must not endanger their health or the health of other clients. Furthermore, it is forbidden to pollute the premises in any way.

2) Each client is fully responsible for their health condition. The Provider assumes no responsible for the health condition of the clients. Visitors do sports at their own risk.

3) Clients use all facilities and equipment of the Provider at their own risk. Clients may also contact the studio Provider or instructor if they need answers to questions related to the equipment.

4) A basic first aid kit is located at the entrance to the studio reception.

5) Clients are required to handle property responsibly and move with respect for pets in the lesson to avoid endangering them.

6) During the lesson is prohibited the following:


-consume alcoholic drinks or other narcotic or psychotropic substances​


Tickets are 100% refundable until 3 days before the event. In case of late cancelation we can not provide refund.

8) The operator has the right to change the breed of puppies at the session in case of owners/puppies illness or other serious reasons.

9) The client has to enter the space in a healthy state (without any signs of illness) without contact with an infected person or animal.

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